my taste in media is quickly turning into ‘anything that makes white cishet dudebros uncomfortable and/or upset’

wait. what on earth is there to bitch about cassandra??!

well she’s too butch naturally. can’t have badass warrior women being seen as appealing to straight dudes.

cass was a woc in da2, but appears to have been whitewashed. though she does still have darker skin in some images so i’m not really sure? also sera was whitewashed from her concept art. she appears to be whiter in game. again could be light.

yeah cass is definitely lighter in the new engine. and concept art sera looked like she had the same coloring as zevran so i was assuming she was antivan.

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and they’re already bitching about cassandra. dudebros are the worst.

omg they are though! and also like of all the ladies they’ve shown thus far except for maaaybe cassandra are all woc too (which is awesome) the dudebros are gonna complain so much it’s gonna be hilarious.

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man it sucks that there are only three confirmed female companions compared to six male but then that also means if one of them is hella gay then that leaves only two LI options for the dudebros

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That’s not a dream. That’s a nightmare.

ikr i was like what is this kotor

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that sounds like a nightmare tbh. i had a dream about a week ago that like, the game was exactly like skyrim, and i was so disappointed that we could only bring one companion with us LOL

omg no that would be horrible do u kno how much time i waste in da2 just going to different locations to trigger banter

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i had a dream i was playing da3 and the character creator was just awful like there were six presets to choose from and then only six hairstyles for each many of which overlapped i was so disappointed

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